Stilettos on Gridiron

Women Getting a Feel for the Game

with Former NFL Player Reginald "Reggie" Jones

When individuals partner in a relationship, they form a team. Indeed, relationships are similar to an American football team. It’s imperative for all of the parties involved to recognize that the dynamics of the team are exceptionally important.

Football teams and relationship teams are comparable in that they both take time to build trust and unity. In due course, both also require an enormous amount of practice to accomplish this trust and unity.

Joint effort and synergy are the heartbeat of a team.

There are two notable players on a football team: the team player and the selfish player.

Stilettos on Gridiron, aims to simplify diverse components and concepts of American football, and ultimately give women a good feel for the game. Women can kick back, relax and enjoy a new sense of understanding and appreciation for the game, as they view American football with the acumen of a former NFL player. It’s all about “Women Getting a Feel for the Game with Former NFL Player Reginald “Reggie” Jones”.

This book is written with several groups of women in mind: moms and guardians with sons playing American football at any level, from little-league football all the way through professional football. Likewise, it’s for cheerleaders and dancers from high-school football through professional football. Also, it’s written for female college students and sorority members, who tag along with other students to games but do not understand the game. Similarly, for women who are intrigued with American football, as well for women who want to bond with partners, spouses, or loved ones who are hooked on the game. Equally, it’s for women who follow the NFL but may not understand the game. And finally, men who don’t understand American football are invited to read this book as well. For each of these groups, “Stilettos on Gridiron” enlightens the reader.