RJ's Topics


"Characteristics of a Winning Team"

This lecture illustrates the composition of a winning team.  A team is a collage of talents, personalities and alliances.

"Timing Success"

This presentation is about the importance of timing, as it pertains to being successful.  This timing requires the right pursuit, the right preparation, and the right place.  Timing is everything!


This speech inspires attendees to recognize and take advantage of their successes, and build on them, to create new and sustained success.  Learning to ride the wave of momentum.

"The 5 P's of Peak Performances"

This presentation details 5 P's as it relates to peak performances:
1. Preference  2. Precedent  3. Permission..4. Passion  5. Performance

"Coachable - The Will to Win"

Being coachable is a core competency of winners.  3 distinct qualities of being coachable: 1. Willing to Partner  2. Willing to Learn  3. Willing to Grow

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