Stilettos on Gridiron

Women Getting a Feel for the Game

with Former NFL Player Reginald "Reggie" Jones

Reginald "Reggie" JonesStilettos on Gridiron, is about looking at American football from the portrayal of a former professional football player, and about how the game can be simplified when you parallel it to everyday relationships.

Using his innovative writing and in-depth knowledge of the game, Reggie Jones delivers an ingeniously designed paperback for readers all over the U.S. and around the world.
This book is written with several groups of women in mind: little-league football moms, middle-school football moms, high-school football moms, college-football moms, high-school football cheerleaders, college-football cheerleaders/dancers, professional-football cheerleaders/dancers, female college students who tag along with other students to games, but do not understand the game.

Also, for women who are intrigued with American football, as well for women who want to bond with partners, spouses, or loved ones who are hooked on the game. Likewise, it’s for women who follow the NFL but may not understand the game. For each of these groups Stilettos on Gridiron is a must read.

A team is a collage of talents, personalities and alliances. When individuals partner in a relationship, they form a team. Indeed, relationships are similar to an American football team. What’s essential with regards to each of the three teams (meaning the offensive team, defensive team and special teams) is that each one contributes something in terms of positive production. Similarly, relationship teams benefit when each member has some contribution on a regular basis.

Team players are the key contributors on both football teams and relationship teams. Teams goal are what drive both football teams and relationship teams to achieve success together. Joint effort and synergy are the heartbeat of both football teams and relationship teams.